Choirs at Sunset

Sunset High School currently has five choirs (click on the choir to download it's syllabus):

-Concert Choir

-Advanced Women's Choir

-Chamber Choir


-Free to Breathe

    I'm sick and can't sing assignment options

Choir make-up assignment for students missing more than two class periods or three tardies/quarter.  One make up assignment needs to be completed per additional tardy/absence.  

Technique Exercises

Buzzy Lip Trill #1- This exercise should be done at least two to three times a week.  Go ahead and experiment with that back space on this one.

Buzzy Lip Trill #2- Go ahead and experiment with this one!

Buzzy Lip Trill #3- Experiment with combining #1 and #2.

EE EH AH- Great for working on breath control.

DEE/LEE/NEE- A great one for practicing a relaxed jaw.

EH/AH Flip-Use the strength of the low notes to work on the higher ones.  Imagine the "digging down" into the upper register notes.